• Role Creator / Dates April 2010 - December 2014 / Attendance 200+

– identified an emerging creative class among DC youth with respect to music, fashion, photography, video, etc
– discovered an underwhelming showcase of talents outside of musicians
– created platform to bring overshadowed talents to the forefront
– attracted diverse community of urban, college educated supporters from ages 18-35

As an event producer, I knew very much how creators of certain disciplines may produce great work, yet hardly ever be noticed or highlighted. In DC’s burgeoning creative class there was a wave of new attention, however it focused almost solely on the musicians and not the painters, authors, photographers, directors, stylists, etc as in other Cosmopolitan hubs. I wanted to create an outlet for such artists to shine, so I devised The Talented, It’s intention is to pose as a musical performance that allows other creatives to lend and borrow credibility from their peers.