• Role Co-Creator / Date Summer 2013 and 2014 / Attendance 100+

– identified a growth of health consciousness amongst millienials
– sought to combine healthy eating w/ a fun vibe and music
– activated the #TastegoodDC Happy Hour event and hashtag
– attracted a niche of urban foodies seeking healthy Happy Hour alternatives

This projects aim was to fill a social void for the DC creative community, particularly in nightlife and uplifting social gatherings. We aimed to highlight longstanding and recent DC establishments, improve upon their marketing and operations, while offering the aforementioned community a place to eat, share and enjoy in manners more consistent with their lifestyles, all in good taste. Attendees gathered to enjoy the food and spirit. Converse with the like minded and rebel, the vegan and carnivore, the familiar and foreign, to share in music and vibes.