Midnite BBQ

– partnered w/ local organizations CupSetDC, One Love Massive, Connecting Cool and Wale’s EBM label for promotion

BBQs are fun, but not always for everyone. So we decided to flip the script, while catering to everybody. A twist on the traditional BBQ, starting well after sunset, w/ the tagline “No Burgers. No Hotdogs.” Attracting a diverse crowd of urban foodies feasting on vegan cuisine, lobster rolls & seafood, traditional BBQ, Jamaican jerk cuisine, Latin cuisine, Fried chicken, Italian Ice and ice cream treats along to the best in sound and vibes.

Featured DJs: Mannie Fresh, Andre Power, Billy The Gent, Spinser Tracy, Jerome Baker III, Ayes Cold, Mastamind DJ, DJ K Meta, Mista Selecta, Mane Squeeze, DJ Reets and DJ Bo.

Special Guests: Derek “Mixed By Ali” Ali (TDE), Jay Rock (TDE), Andre “Dre The Mayor” Hopson, Tabi Bonney, Sunni In The City (WPGC 95.5), Misster Ray (BET), Food Network Star’s Chef Tregaye, Darrell Britt-Gibson