• Role Creator / Co-Producer / Date May 2011 / Attendance 200+ / Link Video

– responded to cause for the 2011 Japan Tsunami Relief effort
– concepted and pitched Rugby RL a relief effort collaboration event
– partnered with local DC artists to provide their services for charity effort
– activated community of fashion and art enthusiasts to join the cause

When made aware of the Japanese Tsunami Disaster my organization, DYDC wanted to pitch in to help. We created an event that melded local painters, a local DJ, Georgetown shoppers, and Rugby RL in a fundraising effort for Japan. Shoppers were given discounts during the event, and Rugby donated a few garments for our artists to paint that we then auctioned off. The proceeds were donated towards the relief effort, and a special artist painted garment was sent to the Rugby store in Japan. To our delight, the team at Rugby Japan returned the gesture by sending us a custom garment to demonstrate their gratitude!