• Role Co-Founder / Date December 2005 - June 2009

– Identified a lucrative youth trend locally, amongst urban students
– discovered lack of fulfillment in nearby geographic markets
– activated community of music enthusiasts
– attracted a diverse pool of students spanning class and geography

Upon completion of freshman year at Brown University, I returned home to DC and discovered a new wave of “all ages” go-go entertainment. But the same older group of promoters who had always profited from this market promoted them. With a much more intimate knowledge of the preferences and behaviors of the “all ages” market, I realized there was underserved demand for this entertainment among HS and under 21 collegiate students in the DC suburbs. With an un- derstanding of the market, and relationships with local bands we began to promote shows locally, and later regionally spanning Baltimore – Atlanta.

Notable Case Study
JL Entertainment Presents: Labor Day Madness w/ Special Guest Wale Sponsored by Amie Street (Songza)
September 2007
Attendance: 1,500+